The value of working with ProCert

ProCert audits your establishment and draws up a comprehensive report for you. The report contains suggestions for improved compliance with the principles of quality management, thus supporting your drive for success.

The benefits to you:


We combine the audit with other standards.

We focus on you, the customer, by offering a personalised service tailored to your institution or your company.

Risk management

We approach each task by considering the risks that are specific to your environment.

The principle of subsidiarity

Our analyses are dynamic, thus complementing other control systems.


The improvements we suggest reflect reality, and are appropriate and achievable.

Improving skills

We can provide further training for specific target groups.

Quality / price ratio

We tailor our service to suit your expectations and needs.

Our auditors are certified and recruited for their proven and relevant experience in your field. In this way we can ensure that we offer you:

  • Expertise relating to the reference standards and audit methods.
  • Support that adds value to your management system.
  • A listening ear and an attitude of fair play, along with a relationship of lasting trust.

In ProCert, you will find a committed professional partner who works to the highest quality standards, who takes your business seriously, and who has the skills, loyalty, and impartiality you need.

What a certification process with ProCert will do for you:

  • Strengthen the trust between your authorities and your brand image
  • Strengthen your competitive positioning and your institutional identity
  • Reduce your risks so that you can better grasp opportunities
  • Implement a flexible and robust management system, adapted to your strategy
  • Improve your organisation, your decision-making and the clarity of your results
  • Give you greater control over your operations within regulations
  • Motivate and equip your teams to ensure continuous improvement of your services
  • Optimise your performance (in terms of customer satisfaction, costs, etc.)

ProCert works with you to invest in a long-lasting and trusting business relationship, with the aim of continuous improvement.

The stages of a certification process with ProCert are straightforward, risk-free, formative, and motivating for management and staff:

  • Preparatory meeting to start the process.
  • Pre-audit to identify the work to be done in preparation for the audit.
  • The audit is concluded with a verbal report, followed by a written statement pointing out the strong points, any non-compliance with standards, as well as pertinent recommendations for management.
  • Any non-compliances are dealt with so that certification for 3 years can be obtained.
  • First annual follow-up audit, to verify that the system quality is being maintained.
  • Second annual follow-up audit, at which it is often possible to recognise progress made.
  • Re-certification.

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