Food industry

ProCert is accredited to provide certification to GFSI-recognised standards, international standards and organic labeling of products in the food industry.

The production, storage, transport and sale of foodstuffs place high demands on all parties involved in the fields of conformity, quality and food safety.  The international trade of goods and networking of the entire food chain place high demands on traceability and appropriate labelling.

Legislation further demands more detailed labelling (for example in the field of allergens), which is a real challenge for all food chain operators.

To ensure food security interests of consumers and allow products to be marketed around the world, retailers, wholesalers and international food processors require certifications from accredited third parties such as ProCert, especially in the field of food safety, based on the HACCP-methodology.

  • ProCert supports partners with certification to international standards and GFSI (Global Food Safety Initiative) recognised standards and was already accredited in 1999 as the world’s first Certification Body for the BRC Food Standard. 
  • A few years later, the first version of the International Food Standard (IFS) of the German retail industry followed and ProCert was one of the first Certification Bodies to this Standard.  ISO22000 and FSSC22000 followed a few years later.  ProCert offers certification to a variety of Standards.
  • By obtaining the appropriate certification from ProCert specialists, organisations will be able to provide confidence in the food industry for investors, partners, regulators, customers and the end consumer. 

The choice of ProCert is not limited to food safety, organic products and labeling control only, but offers other tools for quality assurance in the food industry. These include:

  • IFS Logistic (Certification of handling, management and transportation of foodstuffs)
  • BRC / IoP (Certification for suppliers of food packaging and other packaging materials in contact with food)
  • BRC Consumer Products (Certification of consumer products)
  • Coceral GTP (certification of food and feed)
  • FAMI-QS (European certification of quality management standards of feed additives)
  • The Swiss allergy seal of approval (requirements for the production of consumer products, services and hotel rooms with a low allergen content).

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ProCert offers a variety of other standards.

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